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Required Materials

Please click the underlined Hyperlinks to purchase the materials. WWBW, Amazon, and Hickey’s Music are all great places for your music-related needs. Please feel free to purchase elsewhere if you find a better price!


  1. Yamaha Slide Lubricant

  2. Hetman Tuning Slide Oil

  3. Spray Bottle

  4. Students w/ F-attachment Rotors or Bass Trombone: Rotor Oil


1. Hetman Piston Oil

2. Hetman Tuning Slide Oil


  1. Music Stand for home practice: I recommend Manhasset or similar (you get what you pay for when it comes to music stand quality!)

  2. Pencil 

  3. Notebook or Planner for assignments

  4. Tuner & Metronome for home practice: I highly recommend the Tonal Energy Tuner & Metronome app, but any will do (traditional, apps, or online are all acceptable). 

Resources: Welcome
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